4 Things You Should Know Before Renting a U-Haul

Movers On The Go understands how crucial it is to save money and time when you are moving to a new home. You have researched cheap movers in the Boston area, and you’re still considering a DIY move with a U-Haul truck. At first glance, we can recognize the appeal. However, there are a few things many customers don’t know about U-Haul rentals that might impact their decision:

Specific vehicles are only authorized for local moves

If you are about to take on a long-distance move, you are limited to the types of vehicles you can rent from U-Haul. If you are hoping to use a pickup truck, cargo van, or open trailer to accompany your other vehicles, you will have to look elsewhere.

Extra miles will also cost you extra

U-Haul provides an estimated price for your travels to get to and from your drop-off locations. Many people anticipate extra costs for additional days, but plenty don’t consider the mileage overages, as well.

U-Haul is a franchised business

The experience you have at your U-Haul pick up could be entirely different than your U-Haul drop off. Different owners, management, regulations, and procedures can all play into how your time in their offices will be.

You are not guaranteed the truck you reserve

You can request a specific kind of vehicle, but there is no guarantee they will have it available. You could be sent to another location or offered a larger truck. Though that can sound great to start, the price of gas could quickly dwindle any potential savings and cost more in the long run.

Considering a professional moving company instead?

Movers On The Go is a small, local, independently-owned Boston moving company that is dedicated to you. From local to long-distance, owner Dom Fazio will walk with you every step of the process, keep you informed, and ensure your possessions get to your next destination safely and efficiently.

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