Another Day, Another Piano Move

The Movers On the Go team is at it again helping another homeowner move some of their most prized and fragile possessions, including this 653-pound Baldwin piano. As an expert piano and organ moving company in the greater Boston area, the crew took the time to package up this beauty and protect it from any potential damage before the truck ride over to its new location.

Included in this delicate piano move into a Cape Cod home was ten steps onto a raised deck to make it into the house. Our team took the time to plan our entrance into the home, measure both the piano and access points, and carefully maneuver the instrument safely up and through the doorways. Our ever-growing knowledge of pianos and the best techniques to handle them allowed us to offer our services to these customers and ensure their piano was brought inside without harming it or anything else in their home. Once in place, we then removed our moving blankets as to prevent any chances of nicks and chips.

Not every mover out there is also a piano and organ mover. It takes specialized skills to confidently and correctly transfer pianos from one location to the next. These instruments come in a variety of shapes and sizes, and these details matter to those who specialize in these services.

Fortunately, Movers On the Go does it all. On top of being licensed and insured, we take the time to examine your piano or organ’s current location, its new location and create the safest route to make for an effective and efficient move. Owner Dom Fazio is on each of our jobs to ensure our crew follows his strict standards and guidelines, no matter what we are moving that day.

With more questions about how we can help move your piano or organ, please contact Movers On the Go today by calling (617) 545-5353.