Best Techniques for Moving a Piano

The team at Movers On The Go understands the instant appeal of DIY piano and organ moving. From the surface, it is an affordable solution that can be completed at a fraction of the cost of many professional moving services. Time and time again, we have been called in to help those who find after they begin moving their piano that the task is too much for their small team.

What many don’t realize when they start this project are the complexities of moving these large instruments and the many techniques developed over the years to promise a safe move for those moving the piano, the piano itself, and anything that could be harmed by the weight of the piano.

For those who are still considering a DIY piano move, we have some of the best techniques to follow:

Step One: Call Movers On The Go

The money you can save by attempting a DIY piano mover is not worth the risk. Investing in a piano and organ moving company means saving yourself potential injury, time, and damages to the instrument or the area surrounding it. Your safety and the safety of those around you are critical and never worth the risk of what little money it could potentially save. When it comes to the best techniques to move a piano, it is to call the professionals to help.

Since 1997, Dom and his team have been helping clients move any and everything in their homes, including pianos and organs. We are go-to piano movers in the greater Boston area because we understand the unique ways different styles and sizes of pianos should be moved to guarantee safety and quality control with every customer we work with.

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