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Best Techniques for Moving a Piano

The team at Movers On The Go understands the instant appeal of DIY piano and organ moving. From the surface, it is an affordable solution that can be completed at a fraction of the cost of many professional moving services. Time and time again, we have been called in to help those who find after […]

Advice for Moving with Small Children

Moving is stressful without any distractions, and having small children running around at your feet while you try to fit your last items into boxes can make everything feel that much more chaotic. Movers On The Go is one of Boston’s premier local movers, and we have helped families from all walks of life transition […]

Tips for a Commercial Move

Just like with residential moves, commercial moves are an opportunity to have a new beginning for businesses, and it’s important to start off their journey on the right foot. Movers On The Go has helped businesses in Melrose, Medford, and in the greater Boston, MA area make this transition, and we want to offer some […]

Another Day, Another Piano Move

The Movers On the Go team is at it again helping another homeowner move some of their most prized and fragile possessions, including this 653-pound Baldwin piano. As an expert piano and organ moving company in the greater Boston area, the crew took the time to package up this beauty and protect it from any […]

5 Moving Mistakes Everyone Makes

Being a go-to local mover in Melrose, MA and the greater Boston area, we’ve worked with many families who have made some of the many common moving mistakes that end up making the entire process more stressful than it has to be! Many do not even realize they are making these mistakes and Movers On […]

Common Piano Moving Mistakes

There has been more than one occasion when Movers On The Go has been called in for piano and organ moving after a customer underestimates just how complex it can be to move these instruments. With these mistakes, we have collected some of the most common that we want you to avoid and prevent injury […]

What Sets Movers On The Go Apart?

Hiring local movers in the greater Boston area might seem like an easy task until you go online and read some of the honest reviews. Movers On The Go understands you don’t want to judge a book by its cover, but there are plenty of businesses out there who are called out for their quality […]

Checklist Items Before Hiring Professional Packers

Movers On The Go isn’t just one of the go-to movers in the Medford and Melrose, MA area, we also offer packing services. We know it’s not every day you hire packers and you might be wondering what to do before they arrive. Have no fear, our experts are here to help! Declutter It doesn’t […]

Tips for Finding a Reputable Moving Company

Every industry out there has bad eggs that ruin it for the rest of us. Movers On The Go understands how stressful moving is on you already, and you just want to choose the best Boston, local mover possible. When seeking out a trustworthy company, we have a few suggestions and tips for making the […]

3 Reasons to Hire Professional Piano and Organ Movers

As one of the go-to Boston piano movers, Movers On The Go can’t help but cringe when we hear customers discuss moving pianos and organs DIY-style. We understand wanting to save a few bucks, but we still advise against it! Piano moving is a specialized skill that not even all residential moving companies can complete […]