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Why You Should Hire Movers To Transfer Heavy Objects

Moving is no easy feat. There are plenty of details to attend to and organization involved in the move. Moving also requires stamina and strength so you can bring items from Point A to Point B. Although it’s tempting to do everything yourself instead of paying for movers in Melrose, MA, we don’t suggest it. […]

How To Make A Long Drive Easier

As a company that provides long distance movers in Boston, we’re aware of the challenges that accompany a long distance move. While many people think of the practical issues (packing, paperwork, and other items to name a few), there are also personal things to work through. If you’re driving to your new destination, the reality […]

How To Get The Best Storage During Your Move

As movers in Boston, we know all about the process and how much care and attention to detail the process requires. Packing is one of the necessary evils of moving, and it’s difficult to wrap your head around if you have plenty of belongings. However, it doesn’t have to be a huge ordeal. Movers On […]

Why You Should Hire Us For Packing

When you decide to move, you know of the essentials: your destination, finding a realtor, and calling up professional movers in Boston. Another critical step is properly packing all of your belongings in a safe, efficient manner, so they travel well and survive the move. Lots of people do it themselves, but have you considered […]

How To Make A Long-Distance Move Successful

You’ve finally done it. You’re ready to move far away from your current location and are entirely willing to have a brand new adventure. It’s an exciting time, but it’s also enormously stressful, even for those who stay prepared. Despite how challenging a move can be – especially a long-distance move – there are ways […]

Three Ways To Make Packing Easier

As movers in Boston know, planning a long-distance move can be hard. There are so many factors and items to consider that it becomes a stressful affair quickly. One of the most significant parts of moving is packing, which almost feels like a move on its own! However, it doesn’t have to be entirely stressful […]

Tips for Moving in the Winter

Life doesn’t stop for anyone or anything- weather included. Moving in Melrose, Medford, and the greater Boston, MA area during the winter time is never ideal, but there are ways to prepare for it! As a go-to mover for many locals, our team of experts has a few tips to make a winter move as […]

Why is Moving So Stressful?

If there is one universal word to describe moving, it’s stressful. As a premier mover for Boston locals, we have worked with every kind of client under the sun, and their emotions are nearly all similar. Why is it so stressful? We can think of five huge factors: Still living your day-to-day life in-between Life […]

Tips for Downsizing

Whether you’re moving to a small apartment in the city or from your family home to a more manageable property, downsizing is stressful! Our belongings hold memories, and it can be challenging to let things go. Movers On The Go has helped families in Medford, Melrose, and around Boston, MA make these transitions, and a […]

Common Moving Injuries

One of the most common reasons Movers will receive a call from customers in Medford, Melrose, or the greater Boston, MA area is because of injury. It’s a multi-faceted, fast-paced time in many people’s lives and just one wrong move could leave someone in pain for weeks following their move. With so many tasks to […]