Checklist Items Before Hiring Professional Packers

Movers On The Go isn’t just one of the go-to movers in the Medford and Melrose, MA area, we also offer packing services. We know it’s not every day you hire packers and you might be wondering what to do before they arrive. Have no fear, our experts are here to help!


It doesn’t make much sense to pack up and transport items you no longer want. If possible, try your best to declutter your home before the packers arrive. This allows the professionals to focus on the items that matter most and save time that could have been wasted otherwise.

Pack your essentials in accessible boxes/bags

The first night in your new home can be pretty hectic and cluttered, so having a bag or box of essentials packed that is accessible for you to grab could mean the difference between drinking tap water out of a small vase instead of a cup.

Consider your small children and pets

With so many people in and out of your house with heavy and fragile objects, you’ll want to be sure your pets and kids are out of harm’s way so have a plan in place to have them in a specific area of your current home or with a loved one who can keep an eye on them.

Take photos and inventory your belongings

Being cautious is never a bad thing. If you have breakable items you are concerned about, or are worried about potentially losing items, take photos and inventory of your things. You will rest well knowing these items are well documented for future reference.

Communicate with your team

Your packing team will only have so much specific knowledge of your home and job. Be sure to take the time to walk through your home with them. Explain what you would like done, areas to not pack, items to leave. This communication is appreciated by all and can go a long way.

Fortunately, Movers On The Go can offer reliable, safe, and affordable packing and moving services for your residential and commercial needs. Work with us once and you’ll wonder how you ever moved without our team of professionals before.

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