Common Moving Injuries

One of the most common reasons Movers will receive a call from customers in Medford, Melrose, or the greater Boston, MA area is because of injury. It’s a multi-faceted, fast-paced time in many people’s lives and just one wrong move could leave someone in pain for weeks following their move. With so many tasks to complete and a tight schedule, we understand the motivation to move quickly, but it’s not worth the risk! Here are some of the most common injuries we hear about and how they happened:

Back injuries

These come in all forms- from mild to severe. They mostly occur when someone pushes their lifting limits, does not utilize proper lifting techniques, doesn’t use or have access to the right tools like a dolly, or will move items alone that require multiple people.


An inguinal hernia is the most common type. They are likely to occur while lifting heavy objects, especially those outside of your usual lifting limits. These limits are usually pushed when a person attempts to move big items without assistance and doesn’t use moving tools.

Digit injuries

People are clumsy, and one quick motion could lead to bruised, scraped, broken, or sprained fingers and toes. These injuries often occur to people who have not dressed appropriately for moving, including close-toed shoes with a good sole.

Muscle injuries

Strains, cramps, and contusion are all possible in different areas of the body. Lifting with cold muscles, not drinking enough water, not using moving equipment, and not taking enough breaks throughout the day are likely to cause these kinds of concerns.

These injuries are scary but also completely avoidable. Investing in a professional moving company eliminates the chance of injury to you or your loved ones, gets you into your new home that much faster, and will make for a stress-free moving experience. Movers On The Go would love to be your go-to moving company.

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