Why is Moving So Stressful?

If there is one universal word to describe moving, it’s stressful. As a premier mover for Boston locals, we have worked with every kind of client under the sun, and their emotions are nearly all similar. Why is it so stressful? We can think of five huge factors:

Still living your day-to-day life in-between

Life is stressful enough living our everyday lives and finding time to house or apartment hunt, packing, moving, and adjusting to your new life while the world keeps spinning? It can be a lot for any person to handle.

Letting go of something you know well

Whether you love or hate your current home, you know it well. It’s comfortable for you, and it can be overwhelming to let that go. It can feel as if you’re letting go of memories, which is difficult for many to deal with.

New surroundings

On top of letting go of your old place, you have to adjust to your new home, as well. Knowing where things are, getting used to your new neighborhood, and organizing your new place is a lot to handle!


Whether it’s a security deposit, down payment, loans, or new furniture, there is money involved with any kind of move. With so much happening at once, it can be extremely stressful trying to manage regular expenses and home spending

The act of packing and transporting your belongings

It takes a lot of time and energy to pack up your whole life and plan a safe way to move it to your new place. This can drain any person physically and emotionally, and contribute to their anxiety over the transition.

Though worry is inherent with moving, there are cheap Boston movers out there who can help with at least a few of these stressors. Movers On The Go is an affordable moving company, family-owned and operated. Owner Dom Fazio is on every job to walk clients through the process and ensure their property makes it to their new place, safely and efficiently.

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