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3 Benefits of Using Professional Piano and Organ Moving Services

3 Benefits of Using Professional Piano and Organ Moving Services

As a top Boston piano mover, Movers On The Go can’t help but cringe when we hear our customers discuss moving instruments DIY-style. We understand wanting to save a few dollars, but we still advise against it for several reasons. Piano and organ moving are specialized skills that many residential moving companies can’t complete without unwanted incidents. Here, our team of experts provides you with three great reasons you should always hire a professional when it comes to piano and organ moving.




One of the first and most costly of these reasons concerns potential damage to your instrument.  Not only are pianos and organs expensive, but they’re beautiful instruments that we would never want to see damaged. However, we’ve heard the horror stories from customers attempting to relocate their instrument without a complete understanding of what it entails.  Without preparation for weight and shape irregularities, you could end up dealing with broken parts, scratches, or even worse, a total loss.




With accidents in mind, DIY piano moving can cause serious injury. One of the most common injuries that occur involves a variation of back problems.  Because these can be lifelong problems, it’s not worth the risk.  With the help of a professional mover and the proper safety equipment, your instrument can be safely moved from point A to point B.


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Moving heavy yet delicate items is a challenging task.  However, add the element of inexperience, and this move could take far longer than you would have anticipated. Because time is valuable, it’s worth considering hiring a moving company to complete the task at hand.  Not only will your instrument be transported as safely as possible, but also as quickly as possible.



Fortunately, we’re here for you. Movers On The Go offers affordable piano and organ moving services for residential and commercial customers. Backed by a team of knowledgeable experts, you can have peace of mind that your move will be completed with the utmost care.  For more information, about our moving services, call us today at (617) 545-5353.


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