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Boston Piano Movers Vs. DIY Moving

With the height of moving season fast approaching, families across New England are beginning to pack up their homes.  With new visions on the horizon, getting to point B as quickly and effectively is often the goal.  However, as the best Boston piano movers, our team understands the instant appeal of DIY piano and organ moving. From the surface, moving these objects is an affordable solution.  DIY moving allows completion at a fraction of the cost of many professional moving services.  Yet, time and time again, our team has been called in to help those who find, after they begin moving their piano, that the task is more than ever expected.

What many don’t realize, are the complexities of moving these large instruments takes a team with professional experience. Boston piano movers have developed many techniques over the years which promise a safe move for the individuals moving the piano, the piano itself, and the structure of the building.



For those who are still considering a DIY piano move, we have some of the best advice to follow:


Step One: Call Movers On The Go

The money you can save by attempting a DIY piano move is not worth the risk. Investing in a company with proven experience in successful piano and organ moving means saving yourself or others from:

  • Potential injury.  One of the most common injuries involved with this type of move involves back injury due to the weight of the instrument.
  • Lost time. As you manage obstacles that you may not have planned for, valuable time may be lost in the move.
  • Damage to the instrument. Without preparing for weight and shape irregularities, you could face broken parts, scratches, or total loss to your piano.
  • Dame to the old and new home.  Maneuvering through doorways, up narrow stairs, and around corners with a heavy object without the proper equipment and preparation generally doesn’t end well.


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Your safety and the safety of those around you is priceless. When it comes to the best techniques to move a piano, there is only one solution, contact the best team of Boston piano movers around, Movers On The Go. Since 1997, Dom and his team have been helping clients move any and everything in their homes, including pianos and organs. We are a go-to moving company in the greater Boston area because we understand each move is unique.  From beginning to end, our team will take their time to ensure the utmost safety for all, including your possessions.


Contact us today to request your free moving quote by calling (617) 545-5353.

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