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Moving Injuries Avoided with Boston Local Movers

Moving Injuries Avoided with Boston Local Movers

Often, Boston local movers receive calls from customers because of the potential for injury. Moving is a multi-faceted, fast-paced time in many people’s lives where stress levels are high. Because of the increased pressure and amount of tasks to complete, simple safety precautions are often forgotten in the hustle of the moving process. However, one wrong move can leave you in pain for weeks.

While our team understands the motivation to move quickly, it’s not worth the risk! Here are some of the most common injuries we hear about and how they happened:


Back injuries

One of the most common injuries to occur during a move is back injuries. This type of injury comes in all forms – from mild to severe. Mostly occurring from someone pushing their lifting limits or not utilizing proper lifting techniques, back injuries are avoidable with a little know-how. For instance, our team of professionals provides Boston local moving services, including everything from proper packing to utilizing the right tools. With items such as dollies, bulky items that require multiple people to move or lift, become easier to maneuver.



Similar to back injuries, a hernia is another common injury resulting from heavy lifting. When attempting to move heavy items without assistance, several types of hernias can occur. One of the most common types is an inguinal hernia, where the intestine protrudes through weak abdominal muscles.


Ten fingers and ten toes

Let’s face it; people are accident-prone. With one quick motion, you can face bruised, scraped, broken, or sprained fingers and toes. These injuries often occur to people with inadequate attire for moving, including close-toed shoes with a good sole.


Muscle injuries

Strains, cramps, and contusion are all possible in different areas of the body. Lifting with cold muscles, not drinking enough water, not using moving equipment, and not taking enough breaks throughout the day are likely to cause these kinds of concerns.


Although injuries are scary, they’re also completely avoidable. By investing in a professional moving company, you can lower, or eliminate, the chance of injury to you or your loved ones. Besides being a safer alternative, hiring Boston local movers will also get you into your new location faster, creating a stress-free moving experience.

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