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Boston Local Movers | The Dos and Don’ts of Moving Day

Boston Local Movers | The Dos and Don’ts of Moving Day

When it comes to moving, we spend a lot of time thinking about what you should do to prepare for moving day. But what about when that day actually comes? Once the moving van rolls up outside of your house, what are you expected to do? Should you just get out of the way and let the movers do their thing? Or are you supposed to be doing something? If these questions are on your mind, you’re asking the right people. We are experienced Boston local movers here at Movers on the Go (and we do long-distance moves, too!), and we’re here to make sure your moving day goes smoothly.

Here are some basic dos and don’ts of moving day.


The Dos

Provide hassle-free access

Your movers need to get in and out of your house quickly and efficiently. Move your cars out of the way to that they don’t create obstacles in your driveway. Your garage may be an easy access point, so pull your cars out of there are park on the street if you can.

Stay out of the way

You hired movers so that you wouldn’t be the one who has to move all your stuff. They’ll be able to do their job quickly and safely if there are fewer people around. If you have kids or pets, it’s a good idea to have someone else take care of them while the movers are working.

Have the payment ready

If you are paying by card, you most likely paid ahead of time when you scheduled your move. If you are paying by cash or check, make sure you have enough money on hand to make the payment.


The Don’ts

Add any surprises

Your movers cited a price based on what was in your home at the time. If you have since bought another couch or large TV, that changes things. It also affects how much space the movers have to transport your belongings. Hold off on big purchases until after your move.

Tell them what to do

You hired movers because they’re the experts; they don’t need you to manage them. They’ve made a plan based on the layout of your home and the amount of stuff they have to move. Leave them to it.

Disappear during the move

The movers will be busy doing their jobs, but they may still need to consult you. If the movers have questions but you’re nowhere to be found, that slows them down considerably. They’ll also need you once everything is packed up.


Getting ready to move? Get the best Boston local movers on the job, Movers on the Go! Contact us at (617) 545-5353 for a quote.

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