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Advice for Moving with Small Children

Moving is a stressful process in and of itself.  However, when you add children to the mix, you’re talking about a whole new level of stress.  As they run around carefree, you play referee while trying to fit your last items into boxes. This can be a bit overwhelming for anyone! However, you can avoid the frustrations and chaos with help from Boston moving services.  As one of the premier moving companies in Boston, Movers On The Go has helped families transition into their new home with ease. Because we’re parents too, we understand how impossible it may seem to complete checklists.  Here are a few suggestions to help make moving a little easier:



Moving can be a difficult, and scary concept for a young child to comprehend. Depending on their age, you could be faced with several obstacles.  From fear to excitement, the range is broad, and nothing is impossible!  Thus, it can be helpful to prepare them for the upcoming event.  Although every child is different, typically, the best way to handle preparation is to talk to them!  Adjusting your conversation to their needs and thought process will open the door for questions.  Hence, any pent up anxiety can be eased.


Leave Yourself Time

Although a week or two may seem sufficient to pack your home, you may want to reconsider.  As you spend hours packing, you may find that you’re spending just as much time repacking.  Children are curious and apt to unpack your hard work.  Ensuring their favorite toys have made it to the box, always leave yourself more time then you expect.


Accept Help

When the opportunity arises, take it! It’s not often that family and friends offer up their valuable time to watch the kiddos.  So when they do, don’t let it pass by.  Remember, the amount of work you can accomplish in a single, child-free afternoon could be the equivalent of two days of work with them at home. Also, don’t be afraid to ask for a little help when necessary, too! Similarly, unspoken support can be a blessing.  Nap and bedtimes are the perfect time to rid your home of old toys and pack away items that could be difficult to do with your children present.


Let Them Help

Though moving is difficult, it’s a time of transition, and you will want to remember these moments. By giving your children small tasks to complete, you’re allowing them to feel like part of the process.  Besides, it will keep them busy for the moment!

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At Movers On The Go, we strive to make moving less stressful for our customers and their families. By providing premier Boston moving services,  we can get your family from point A to point B with as little hassle as possible.  Visit us online to learn more!

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