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Boston Moving Services: The Most Difficult Items to Move

Boston Moving Services: The Most Difficult Items to Move

When it comes to moving your belongings, your top priority is to get them out of your old home and into your new place carefully and safely. Packing up and moving your whole house is a real undertaking, which is why many people choose to engage Boston moving services to make the processes a little less overwhelming. At Movers on the Go, our team has been helping people move in and out of the Boston area for decades. But even for pros, there are some items that are harder to move than others.

Here are some of the most difficult items to move. If you’re moving any of these items, you might want the assistance of professional Boston moving services.


Home Gym Equipment

Anything heavy is going to be tough to move. And heavy items that also have awkward angles? That makes it even more challenging. If you have any home gym equipment, those items are going to require extra attention from the movers. They need to ensure that smaller heavy things like weights or kettlebells are secured, so they don’t break anything else in transit. Awkwardly shaped items like treadmills or spin bikes that can’t be disassembled also create maneuvering challenges.



TVs are much lighter than they used to be, but they are still pretty fragile. TVs are also much bigger than they used to be, so movers need to carefully place them in the truck. Sometimes you can lie a TV flat on top of other items after you pad it with moving blankets, but if your TV has a curved screen, movers need to be extra careful and get creative.


Art Collections

Whether your art collection is of great financial or sentimental value—or both—the pieces are usually fragile and need to be handled with great care. Movers need to protect the frames and what’s inside them. You don’t want to break the glass or damage framed pictures without glass.


Musical Instruments

We’ve covered the challenges of moving pianos multiple times, but they’re not the only instruments that are challenging to move. There are other large instruments, such as harps and upright basses. Even smaller instruments, like your guitar or violin, are fragile. Insurance can reimburse the cost of a broken instrument, but it can’t restore something that’s been destroyed in a move.


Protect Your Valuables with Boston Moving Services

If you need to move any of the items on this list and are thinking twice about DIY-ing it, you need Movers on the Go! Our team has years of experience, and we are proud to be a mover you can trust with your belongings. If you need Boston moving services, give us a call!


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