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Checklists For the Win: Residential Moving Made Easy

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Moving is stressful, but we’re here to help. Whether you’re in the midst of finding long distance or local movers in Boston, having a checklist drafted will take away the pain, well some of it at least. This article will provide you with an easy to follow guide that will make the big day smoother than you could ever imagine!


The Beginning

Once the move is set in stone, it’s time to go to work! Below are the first steps to an easy move:

  • Research moving companies. This step involves online research as well as asking family, friends, and coworkers. Word of mouth is sometimes the most reliable advice!
  • Create an individual room schedule that allows realistic timeframes to sort and donate items that won’t be making the move. We recommend beginning this two months in advance. Save the most utilized rooms for last.
  • Review any apartment or condo checklists that are in place to ensure all requirements can be met.


One Month Before

Now that plans are set and purging your belongings is well underway, it’s time to think outside the house. Below is a brief list of contact that you’ll want to update your new information:

  • Visit your local post office to fill out a change of address/forwarding location form
  • Contact all utilities – cell phone providers, cable, etc.
  • Forward any personal mail such as magazines and newspapers
  • Update your address with insurance, medical office, and lending companies


A Week Before: Repairs

Often rooms could use a little TLC. Below is a quick list of easy fixes that may ensure your security deposit is back in your hands when exiting your location:

  • Fill in any holes in the walls
  • Polish woodwork. This will hide little blemishes that could otherwise look like damage.
  • Thoroughly clean tile and carpeted floors. OTC stain removers are inexpensive and could save you hundreds of dollars.
  • Replace faulty light bulbs
  • Thoroughly clean the kitchen stove, oven, and refrigerator.
  • If you own your property, be sure to tidy up the exterior – remove any garbage and cut back the grass.



For more information on stress-free moving, contact the highest ranked local movers in Boston, Movers on the Go. Our team of professional experts can assist your residential or commercial move with ease and precision. Contact us today to request your free quote (617) 545-5353. Remember to utilize our printable version of preparing for a move!

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