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4 Common Piano and Organ Moving Mistakes

There has been more than one occasion when Movers On The Go has been called in for Boston piano and organ moving services a bit too late. Typically this occurs after a customer underestimates how complex it can be to move these heavy instruments. However, with decades of experience, our team has compiled the top 4 mistakes that people make with piano and organ moving. In this article, we’ll unveil those errors to help you avoid both injury to yourself, those around you, and your precious instrument!


Misjudging weight

Pianos and organs are heavy; there’s no denying this fact. Calculating the weight of your piano is difficult unless you contact the manufacturer. However, even with the right calculations, the weight of these instruments will often trump the efforts of DIY movers. This misjudgment has led to a variety of bodily injuries, both minor and severe, as well as costly damages to the instruments.


Improper moving equipment

Boston piano and organ moving requires specialized equipment to be successful. Unlike standard moving equipment, heavy instrument equipment is designed to handle the uniqueness of the situation. From uneven weight distribution to large, unsymmetrical shapes, instruments can pose quite the challenge! From damages to the floor, ceiling, doorways, to the finish of the instrument, without the right equipment available, you may end up with more significant issues.


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Relying on casters

Although it may seem like the easiest way to move a piano, casters aren’t the ideal solution. These attachable wheels make moving furniture a more manageable task but won’t handle the weight of a piano. Casters are not designed to support the full weight of a piano and will break upon contact. Not only will the caster break, but you could also break the leg of your piano.


Moving too quickly

Piano and organ moving is a delicate process and should be given adequate time. We can think of very few instances where speed has been the friend of a moving team. By rushing through a piano move, you’ll likely be faced with injury and damages to the instruments and its surroundings. Avoid mistakes by devoting a day to moving a piano. If you finish early, it will merely be a perk!


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Fortunately, Movers On The Go is the go-to company for Boston piano and organ moving services. Backed with a team that knows how to move these delicate items safely, you can have peace of mind during your move. For more information on the services we provide, contact our professionals today at (617) 545-5353.

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