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Dangers of DIY in the City – Tips from Local Boston Movers

For first time movers, it may seem like a no-brainer to do it yourself. How hard can it be to pack up all your stuff, move it somewhere else, and then unpack it all? Harder than you think, that’s for sure. Even for those with outstanding spatial awareness, it can be hard to load everything into your car in one trip. In this case, you may be tempted just to rent a moving truck. But here at Movers on the Go, we’ll tell you exactly why it’s more responsible, and cost-effective, to employ the services of a local Boston mover like ourselves.

Lifting Heavy

We don’t want to offend anyone, but even those in perfect shape can have trouble lifting all those boxes. Think about how long it took to get all these things inside your house. Months? Years? It can be overwhelming to have to take it all out to your car on your own. Unless you’re a moving pro, you probably didn’t pack those boxes with weight in mind. Our trained local Boston movers are educated and experienced in lifting and carrying things to prevent injury – we even have special tools!

Tetris Experts

Say you decided to forgo the assistance of professionals and packed up your things and got them all on your front lawn all on your own. And now you’re starting at the trunk and back seat of your car, trying to decide the best way to get it all inside. Not only do the professionals have a bigger transportation vessel, but we also know how to get everything inside in the most efficient way possible. We’ll make sure everything gets to your new home in the exact condition you gave it to us.

City Driving

Okay. Are you still not convinced? If you’re saying “hey. I can just rent a moving van or something, I don’t need you,” we’d like to call your driving record into question. Have you ever driven a large moving van? It’s not as easy as it looks.

We’re not saying DIY moves aren’t possible. We’re saying they’re more challenging than they appear to be. For a professional, smooth move, call local Boston movers at Movers on the Go – 617-545-5353.

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