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How to Hire Reliable but Cheap Movers in Boston

How to Hire Reliable but Cheap Movers in Boston

No matter how thrifty you are, moving is going to be an expensive process. When you start looking for a moving company, the first thing you think about is how much each company would cost. However, hiring cheap movers in Boston comes with the risk of ending up with someone unreliable if you don’t do your homework first. At Movers on the Go, our goal is to provide affordable moving services without sacrificing quality.

Here’s what you should do to hire cheap movers in Boston that you can trust with your stuff.


Do Your Research

The first thing you need to do is a little bit of research. There are many moving companies in the area, and they all have online reviews. Read both the good and bad reviews and notice what their ratio of good to bad reviews is. If you know anyone in your area who has moved recently, ask them who they used and what their experience was like.


Get a Quote In-Person

Unlike other services, a mover cannot give you an accurate quote over the phone or online. They need to look at your property to assess the difficulty of moving items out of your house and off your property. How much stuff you have isn’t the only thing you movers take into account when giving you a quote.


Check Insurance and Liability

Once you have narrowed down your list of moving companies to viable choices, check that they are licensed and have liability insurance. You may still have to purchase supplemental insurance, but you should never work with a mover that is uninsured. You should also check their status with the Better Business Bureau.


Ask About Additional Costs

After you get a quote and have confirmed that your top choices have the appropriate licenses and liability insurance, ask about additional costs. A quote is not an exact price, so ask about other costs or other fees that might come up. Ask the movers about past jobs that incurred extra fees and what the circumstances were. You can never have too much information to be prepared for your move.


Movers on the Go: Cheap Movers in Boston You Can Trust

Our team at Movers on the Go pride themselves on delivering a trustworthy service at an affordable price. We don’t believe that cheap movers in Boston should do shoddy work.


Contact us at (617) 545-5353 to learn more about our services or get a quote.

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