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Is Moving an Organ Different from Moving a Piano?

Is Moving an Organ Different from Moving a Piano?

We have discussed the best way to move a piano many times on our blog before, but we don’t cover organ moving as often. That shouldn’t really come as a surprise. Playing the piano is much more common than playing the organ, so you’re more likely to have to move a piano. But is moving an organ really that different than moving a piano? As the Boston piano and organ moving experts, our team at Movers on the Go has the answers to your questions.


Let’s take a look at the major differences between piano and organ moving.


Organs have special dollies.

To do any job properly you need the right tools. Some jobs, like moving an organ, have specialized tools designed just for the job. Organ dollies—you need a set of two—attach to the sides of your organ, making it easy to roll the instrument wherever you need it to go. Organs weigh between 400 and 500 pounds, so using the right tools to work smarter not harder is a must.


Some organs can’t be disassembled.

This is true of some pianos as well, but it can pose more of a challenge with organs. This is because organs also have a pedal board. The bench is also usually attached to the organ so that the organist is in the right position to operate the pedal board. You can detach the pedal board and bench from some organs, but others are all one piece.


Electric organs have extra parts.

Unlike electric pianos, electric organs are actually harder to move. An electric organ has a tone generator that is very delicate. To avoid damaging it in transit, you have to secure the tone generator before you attempt to move it. If the tone generator gets knocked around during your move it can be pretty expensive to repair or replace.


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Movers on the Go: Boston Piano and Organ Moving Experts

The best way to move your organ is to hire a team of professional movers who know what they’re doing. Moving a piano or organ in Boston is a difficult task, and you don’t want to get it wrong. Give yourself peace of mind and let the experts handle it.


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