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Local Boston Movers That Offer More Than Expected

When researching local movers in Boston, the options can be overwhelming. With hundreds of companies to choose from, how do you decide which one is right for you? Here at Movers on the Go, we offer our customers more than the expected. As experts in the industry, our team can safely help with any type of move, as well as storage needs. Whether you need of short or long-term storage solutions, we have the facility to help make the move as a whole an easier process.


Consider your needs

Once you determine that renting a storage space is the right step for your move, choosing the unit size is next. Another confusing area, storage units come in a wide range of sizes. The first step in deciding which unit is best for you, is to determine your needs. Are you looking for short-term space to store an entire apartment in between moves? Perhaps you’re traveling and need a long-term solution. Maybe you’re a business owner and have excess inventory or office equipment that needs a separate location away from the office.


Size Guide

Like moving companies, storage units provide a variety of options. Knowing what you’re going to store will help you to rent the appropriately sized space. By doing so, you can potentially save money and irritation. Often, larger units will come with a higher monthly fee. Why pay for a space that you’re belongings will only utilize half of the allotted area? On the other hand, if you rent a unit that is too small, you’ll be faced with unnecessary frustrations and potential damage to stored items.

Below is a guideline of commonly stored items broken down to give you a better idea of what specific storage units can accommodate.


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  Room Comparison Content Size
5×10 Walk-in Closet Contents of a single room
10×10 Large Bedroom Contents of a Two Bedroom Apartment
10×20 Small Garage Contents of a Three Bedroom Home


10×30 Two Car Garage Contents of a Five Bedroom Home



If you’re looking for a local Boston mover that can offer you more, contact our team at Movers On the Go. Ease the burden of your move by choosing one company that will provide you with everything your move needs. Contact us today for more information at (617) 545-5353.

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