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At Movers on the Go, we’re here to help make your move easier.  Not only do we provide the services you’d expect from Boston local movers, but we go beyond.  Our articles are filled with tips and helpful information to assist in making the big day less stressful! Here, we will go over a few things we’ve found to help people prepare for moving and unpacking day!


Leave Yourself Time

If you tend to be a procrastinator, moving is not the time to let that habit flow.  Leaving things to the very end can cause a hectic, disorganized, and very stressful move for both you and your family.  Here at Movers on the Go, we feel that customers should begin packing two to four weeks before moving day.  This timeframe allows for the elimination of items that won’t be making the move, as well as a proper room-by-room packing.

Similarly, once your move is complete, remember that time is your friend.  Many of us, once moved, have the desire to get items in order and in place as quickly as possible.  However, by setting a realistic expectation, you can move in with ease.  Focus on one room at a time, prioritizing those that will be used more frequently, like the kitchen.



As we briefly mentioned, not all of your items need to make the trip with you.  Although it may be hard to part with some stuff, decluttering is well worth it in the end.  Not only will you be moving less, but you’ll also be unpacking less.  Thus, your new home will be the fresh, clean, uncluttered space that many of us desire.  Set aside items that are still usable and donate them to a local charity. 


Labels Are Your Best Friend

Now that you’ve organized and decluttered, you’re ready to pack! The best way to tackle this is by focusing on one room at a time.  Start with the less used spaces, spare bedrooms, etc.  Be sure to label your boxes! How you label is up to you.  However, we suggest mapping out your upcoming space and deciding where your items will go.  Label your boxes with which rooms they will go in, not necessarily the rooms they currently reside. 

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Now that you’re packed and ready to move, give Movers on the Go a call! As one of the premier Boston local movers, our team of professionals will take the time to meet with you before the move begins.  We will create a plan to ensure your belongings arrive when expected in the same condition they leave your current residence.  For more information, contact us at (617) 545-5353 for your free moving quote.

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