Boston Piano Moving Services

We Are An Expert Piano and Organ Moving Company

Much like any other move, pianos come in a variety of shapes and sizes and need their own, specific moving plan. As a go-to piano mover in the greater Boston area, Movers On The Go knows that the details matter, and how important it is to hire professionals who have the experience and knowledge to move your expensive and beautiful instrument.

Access to doors and windows, as well as the ability to maneuver tight spaces,  make a significant difference in transferring a piano from one location to the next without causing damage. Movers On The Go takes the time to examine both its current location and new location to review the safest routes and exits to make an effective and efficient move.

Boston Piano Moving
If you are in need of a long-term storage solution, Movers On The Go can help with our 24-hour, accessible facility. No matter what you are looking to store, our crew will work with you to create a plan that meets your requirements.

We take great care in protecting you instrument from the moment we start breaking it down and packing it up to the time we assemble it back together in your new home.