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Moving With Animals: 3 Tips For A Stress-Free Day

Moving With Animals: 3 Tips For A Stress-Free Day

When it comes to moving, professional Boston movers know one thing is for sure – it’s a stressful time! Whether you’re moving the company office or your home, there are several details that require attending and checklists to complete. In the midst of the chaos, pets are often overlooked.

Because we’re committed to providing a complete and exceptional experience for our customers, Movers On The Go is taking the time to provide you with three tips for a successful, stress-free move with your furry friends!

Consider your new surroundings.

When moving, we often put ourselves first. We know that our studio apartment is no longer sufficient and that we require more space, but what about your pets? Before committing to any new living arrangement, consider if it works for your animals. If you have a dog, is there ample room to run and play or a safe walking route? How about those puppies and training? Living on the sixth story may not prove resourceful at 2 am when the puppy needs to go outside.

Be mindful on packing and moving days.

Your animals are an extension of you. When you are happy, they are too! When you are stressed, again, they can sense that. During the height of your move, keep them in mind. If you know that packing or moving day will be a bit too much, consider placing them in a quieter space. Whether in a room with the door closed or at a friends for a playdate, the last thing you want is to have a stressed-out animal in the midst of everything else that is going on.

Settle into your new home with ease.

Just like the day they came home, bringing your pet into their new home should be handled with care. Allow them time to acclimate themselves to one room or area at a time. Be sure to close doors and show them where their food, water, toys, and beds are placed.

With time, patience, and a little TLC, your furry friend will adjust and love his new home just as much as you do! For more tips, visit the ASPCA for expert advice on moving with your pet. And, for a team of expert Boston movers that can help minimize your stress, give our team at Movers On The Go a call!

With decades of experience and a dedication to providing a superior experience, our experts are here to ensure your moving day is a good one! Contact us to receive your free quote at (617) 545-5353.

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