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Boston, MA Movers are Answering Your FAQs

Boston, MA Movers are Answering Your FAQs

Here at Movers on the Go, we’ve been servicing the greater Boston area for decades. Because of our lengthy presence and trustworthy reputation, our team is proud to be recognized as the go-to Boston, MA movers! As such, we’ve seen and heard it all!

However, some of the most commonly asked questions concern the packing process. Will the moving team pack everything? Is there a proper method for packing? How will I know my delicate items won’t be destroyed? What if my items are lost? And, so on. As Boston’s premier moving service, we’ve put our heads together to compile a list of the most frequently asked questions regarding packing. Here they are –


Should I pack and transport valuable items on my own?

Unfortunately, there is no straight answer to this question. While we ensure that all items left in our care arrive in the same condition, sometimes it’s best to handle valuable items on your own. Packing your vehicle with a few small boxes provides peace of mind during an already stressful time.


What do I need to do to prepare my appliances?

While our team will handle the majority of the task, we ask that you disconnect all appliances before we arrive. For items of higher sensitivity, please contact us directly for specific instructions.


Is there a proper way to pack boxes?

If you’re tackling the packing process on your own, you’ll want to be sure to check out our previous article providing tips for proper packing! This article takes a look at packing materials and best practices to ensure your belongings avoid damage during the move.


Should I label my boxes?

While we don’t require boxes to be labeled, we do strongly recommend doing so. Labeling not only helps us place your boxes in the appropriate locations, but it will also save you time when it comes to unpacking!


Should I leave clothing in drawers or remove them?

Although the easier path is to leave your items in drawers, we ask that all loose items be removed. By doing so, you’re ensuring that no items become lost along the way, and it lightens the load for our crew!


Can you move larger items like pianos?

Yes! In fact, we specialize in piano and organ moving. Through years of experience and expertise, our team will take all measures necessary to ensure your valuable instrument arrives in the same condition it leaves. The journey begins with a walk-through of both the existing and new locations so we come prepared for any and all obstacles.


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Although the list goes on, we hope these questions helped get your moving journey started! For more information or questions, contact the only Boston, MA movers that go above and beyond guaranteeing your satisfaction – Movers on the Go.


For your free estimate, contact our team today at (617) 545-5353.

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