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Downsize with Boston Movers

Although people dream of living in a huge house with a white picket fence, it’s not always practical. Even when you achieve that goal, it can be hard to maintain such a large home once your family grows up and moves out on their own. If you’re preparing to downsize and move to a new home, read on to learn some tips and tricks from your favorite Boston movers.

Downsize Your Life

Trust us. You can’t take everything that fits in your five-bedroom home to a two bedroom condo. When packing, start with the decor. You’re going to have less space to decorate, so you don’t need every fake plant, wall painting, and holiday decorations you’ve accumulated over the years. Once you choose your favorites, think about your furniture. What will you need? Can you donate some, or sell it? Getting rid of excess stuff before you even start packing will lighten your workload significantly.

Different Weather = Different Wardrobe

This one only applies if you’re moving a significant distance, but our Boston movers thought it was worth mentioning nonetheless. Consider where you live now. Now consider where you’re moving to. Is the weather the same? If you want to lighten the weight of your closet, consider tailoring your choices to the new weather. Moving to Florida from Maine? You can probably donate those winter boots.

New Place, New You

You may be a little nostalgic at the thought of leaving a family home but think about the new adventure that lays ahead. This is a chance to transform your life into something new. It’s tempting to pack up all your old things and put them in your new home, but why not take the opportunity to try something new? Make sure to leave some space to make new memories.

Here at Movers on the Go, we see all type of moves at all stages of life. Whether you’re moving into your first family home or moving out of it, we’re here to help make sure the transition to a fresh start is as easy as possible. For more information or to get an estimate, give us a call at 617-545-5353.

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