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How to Make Your Commercial Move Easy

Just like with residential moves, commercial moves are an opportunity for new beginnings for businesses. However, it’s essential to start the journey on the right foot to set the tone for the rest of the process. As premier  Boston, MA, movers, our team has been helping businesses in the greater Boston area make this transition for decades.  In this article, we are offering experienced, sound advice for those who are at the beginning stages of their move.

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Inform your employees

Staying open and honest with your employees will help them ease into the idea of moving. Start by mentioning you will begin looking for new spaces, keep them involved in the process. When moving time comes, give employees at least one month’s notice, allowing them ample time to pack their work area and belongings.

Donate before packing

Are there large, bulky items you plan on getting rid of? Instead of packing these items, taking up room on your truck, and dragging them from point A to point B, consider donating them to a local shelter or school that may be in need. This not only becomes one less item for your team to worry about, but it also prevents time wasted trying moving it to your new location.


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Create checklists for employees

It’s easy to overlook the little details when it comes to packing. However, by providing general and individual checklists for your employees and team members you’re avoiding any last-minute surprises. These lists should cover common areas, desk space, and other areas that may go unnoticed or forgotten.


Update your addresses and other listings

Your business will need to be accessible to your customers or clients, and for that, be sure to have all of your addresses updated! From the internet to any local listings you might have, you can prevent confusion and frustration down the road by having this squared away during the first few days of your journey.


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Call your mover well in advance

Handling electronics, desks, and other office supplies should be left to professionals.  Be sure to give your mover a call one to two months in advance. This call will allow them to pull together a team, ensuring your move will be completed efficiently and safely.


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