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An Inside Look From Boston Movers: Why is Moving So Stressful?

If there is one universal word to describe moving, it’s stressful. As a premier company in Boston movers, our team works with both residential and commercial customers. We’ve helped with small moves, across town moves, even national relocations. Thus, we’ve seen every kind of emotion that comes with moving. But again, one primary feeling is always stress. Why is moving so stressful? We can think of five significant factors:



Maintaining day-to-day life

Life is stressful enough, never mind adding a move into the mix. Moving typically involves finding time to house or apartment hunt, packing, moving, and adjusting to your new life – all while the world keeps spinning. It can be a lot for any person to handle, so we completely understand how stress plays a factor in this aspect!


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Packing and transporting

Packing takes a lot of time and energy! Ensuring that your belongings are safely packed and boxes adequately labeled is crucial to maintaining the integrity of your belongings. This process of the move can drain any person physically and emotionally while contributing to anxiety over the upcoming transition. Be sure to check out our article with helpful tips on proper packing techniques.



Letting go can be hard

Whether you love or hate your current living situation, you know it well, and it’s home. Letting something go can be overwhelming. Often, homeowners and their families feel as though they’re letting go of memories. However, it’s important to remember that your memories will always be with you, and you’re opening the path for new ones!


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New surroundings

On top of letting go of your old place, you have to adjust to your new home as well. Patience is key as it can take time to figure out where things should go, organizing your new place, as well as becoming accustomed to your new neighborhood, town or city can all be stressful!



Out of pocket expenses

Whether it’s a security deposit, down payment, loans, or new furniture, out of pocket expenses are involved with any type of move. With so much happening at once, it can be extremely stressful trying to manage regular expenses. Planning ahead and leaving yourself time to budget your move is always the best option.



Though stress is an inherent element to moving, Boston movers are here to help alleviate the pain. At Movers On The Go, we offer affordable services in every aspect of your move. From packing to transporting, we’re here to help make this new journey of life an exciting one!

With more questions about our services or to request a quote, please contact Movers On The Go today by calling (617) 545-5353.


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