Pros and Cons of Moving in the Fall

We don’t always get to choose the perfect moment to move. From career changes to growing families and everything in between, Movers On The Go understands that you could be finding out at this very moment you have a new adventure awaiting you! The traditional times of year to move are often spring and summer, but many will wait for the fall season because of the benefits it offers. If you’re feeling apprehensive about this quick turnaround, here are a few things to consider:

PRO: Often a lower demand for Boston movers in the fall

Summer often has a higher demand for moving companies, and though fall is still a part of the busy season, there are often more options available. This is ideal for those who are looking to hire a professional moving company in the Boston, MA area at the last minute.

PRO: The weather is ideal and mostly predictable

New England is known for having some crazy weather patterns, but fall might be the most consistent with dry and clear forecasts. It is also often a comfortable temperature for your moving crew and family. Not sweltering or icy- it’s just right.

CON: The school year is in full swing, and transferring can be stressful

One of the most challenging parts of moving outside of the summer season if you have young children is that school is in session. It can be difficult to keep up with their current school work, packing, transfer information if you will be moving districts, and get caught up on their new classes at their new school.

Movers On The Go would love to help you make this transition easier than you ever thought possible and at an affordable price. Dom and his team will walk you through their process, incorporate you into their plans, and will give you the opportunity to focus on your children while they handle the heavy lifting.

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