Tips for Downsizing

Whether you’re moving to a small apartment in the city or from your family home to a more manageable property, downsizing is stressful! Our belongings hold memories, and it can be challenging to let things go. Movers On The Go has helped families in Medford, Melrose, and around Boston, MA make these transitions, and a game plan is essential. Here are a few of our top tips:

Start early

No matter how much time you think you have- always consider starting earlier. The decision-making, packing process, and emotional journey take far longer than most people would anticipate. Start tossing out or giving away items you know for sure you don’t need now- you’ll be grateful you did later.

Take a closer look at your new home

I can be helpful to look at your new home’s layout, square footage, and floor plan determine which items can fit into which room. For example, if you’re moving from a four- to two-bedroom property, you can begin eliminating some of the duplicate items you have in your spare bedrooms.

Make lists

Start separating items into importance. Is it something you use every day? Is it something that holds a lot of emotional value? It’s time to evaluate what you can and can’t part with, and seeing these items in their respective categories can help make these decisions easier than you thought possible.

Be sensitive

If you are helping someone move or live with someone who is having a difficult time making these decisions, be kind. It will make your move more enjoyable if you give them time to get through the emotions and come up with their own answers. This tip applies to you, too! Be kind to yourself, as well.

Simplifying your life is a freeing experience, and once you are ready to hit the road, Movers On The Go is here for you! We offer services from packing all the way to unloading at your destination. Dom and his team will guide you through the moving process and make your experience memorable and fun!

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