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Another Day, Another Piano Move

The team at Movers on the Go is at it again! Helping homeowners safely move their most prized and fragile possession is what we do best. For instance, this 653-pound Baldwin piano took planning, expertise, and a dedicated team of professionals. As the premier Boston piano and organ moving company, our crew took the time to package this beauty, protecting it from any potential damage throughout the move.


The process

No matter what type of move, or what items are involved, our process always begins with a consultation. Taking the time to inspect the current property, and the new, if possible, professional movers become empowered to map the route and prepare for obstacles.

This delicate piano move involved travel into a Cape Cod home. The journey included ten steps onto a raised deck to make it into the house without damage. As you can imagine, the weight of the piano combined with stairs was not for the novice. However, our team took the time to plan the best entrance into the home. This process includes measuring both the piano and access points. With these measurements, we were prepared to maneuver the instrument safely up and through the doorways with the utmost care.


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Experience is crucial

When hiring a Boston piano and organ moving company, experience should never be compromised. Experience, as well as knowledge and the best equipment allow professional movers to service customers while providing peace of mind. Although many companies claim to have the needed skills, it takes a specialized skill set to confidently and correctly transport heavy (and delicate) instruments from one location to the next. Be sure to check out our previous article on four of the most common piano moving mistakes.

Beyond weight, these instruments come in various shapes and sizes – both elements contributing to accidents during an unplanned move. Consider a grand piano for a moment. If unprepared and inexperienced, one could see how the uneven weight of such a large instrument could lead to drops, broken parts and components, and damage to the property itself.


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Fortunately, you found our team of experts at Movers On the Go. On top of being licensed and insured, we care. Our team takes the time to examine your current location, the new location, and create the safest route for an effective and efficient move. Owner, Dom Fazio, provides added assurance by being present at each job. By doing so, Dom provides his expertise, ensuring the crew follows strict standards and guidelines. No matter what the move entails.

For more information on our Boston piano and organ moving services, contact our team at Movers On the Go today (617) 545-5353.


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