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Avoid These Moving Mistakes | Movers Near Me

Avoid These Moving Mistakes | Movers Near Me

Moving is a stressful undertaking, no matter far you’re going or how much stuff you have to move. It’s more complicated than just finding some “movers near me” and hoping for the best. As you’re busy getting ready to move into your new place, it’s easy to let some of the details slip through the cracks. The problem is that some of those details are actually pretty important. Our team at Movers On The Go knows the importance of staying on top of the details so that your move goes smoothly.

So while you’re searching for “movers near me,” plan ahead and avoid these moving mistakes.


Failing to Research Your Mover

Do your research! A search of “movers near me” will turn up a lot of results. And not all those moving companies are the same. Get personal referrals if you can, read the reviews, and check their standing with the Better Business Bureau. Once you’ve selected your top choices, call the companies to get estimates and hear directly from them what services they provide. If you have particularly valuable or heavy items, make sure the moving company is prepared and able to move them safely.


Getting the Wrong Insurance

If you’ve never moved or never hired a moving company before, you probably don’t know a lot about your insurance options. If you are moving between states, federal law requires interstate movers to offer their clients two types of coverage, released-value and full-value protection. Released-value comes at no extra cost to you and is moving companies’ default option if you don’t choose something else. An included insurance might sound great, but with this option, the movers are responsible for no more than $0.60 per pound per item. Full-value protection costs you more, but the compensation is based on your items’ estimated value. If it’s in your budget, it’s a good idea to go for full-value coverage.


Leaving Your Boxes Blank

After you’ve spent lots of time meticulously packing your boxes, don’t neglect to label them. At the very least, you should write what room each box is going to in your new place. If any boxes contain fragile items or are exceptionally heavy, write handling instructions on the box, too. If you have the time, including a packing list either on the outside or inside of the box will save you a lot of time when you start unpacking.


Still searching for “movers near me”? Give Movers On The Go a call and find out why we’re the best movers in the Boston area.

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