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How are Residential and Commercial Moves Different?

How are Residential and Commercial Moves Different?

Like many Boston moving services, we do both residential and commercial moves at Movers on the Go. But just because moving companies often do both, that doesn’t mean the two jobs are basically the same. Naturally, there is some overlap between the two—we are still moving stuff from one place to another—but the ins and outs of the move are actually quite different. When you’re ready to move your home or office, you want to hire a mover that understands the differences between the two jobs.


Let’s take a look at how Boston moving services tackle residential and commercial moves differently.


What We’re Moving

First things first: we start with what we are moving. In a residential move, the items we have to move are your personal belongings. These include furniture, decor, appliances, clothes, and everything else that makes your house a home. When it comes to a commercial move, there are fewer personal belongings and more equipment. Offices also have furniture, of course, but there is also the company’s inventory and specialized machinery in some cases.


How Much We’re Moving

The next important difference between these two types of moves is how much stuff we have to move. Although a family living in a moderately large house for many years acquires quite a bit of stuff, a commercial move can easily dwarf that. If we are moving a business that has multiple departments, there are many offices filled with furniture and equipment that all need to arrive at their new location. In general, a commercial move is a much bigger job.


How We Plan the Move

Planning the move is also another big difference between moving residential and commercial properties. A commercial move is usually more complicated, requiring more intricate planning and coordination. These planning considerations include not only how to move sensitive equipment or data but also the timeline of the move. A business cannot afford extended downtime, so we have to carefully plan to most efficient way to execute the move and set the business up in their new space.


Movers on the Go: Commercial and Residential Boston Moving Services

When you need moving services in Boston, our team at Movers on the Go is ready for action. Whether you are moving your home or office, our experienced team will get you settled into your location quickly and safely.


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