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How Heavy Is Your Piano?

How Heavy Is Your Piano?

Everyone knows that pianos are heavy. But if you’ve never had to move one, you might not realize just how heavy. And the challenge of moving a piano is compounded by the fact that, despite being quite heavy, they are also relatively fragile instruments. Pianos are also expensive, and you don’t want to damage yours during the course of your move. Luckily, Movers on the Go are experienced professional piano movers in Boston who have been at this for decades.

Let’s look at the average weight of different piano types, plus some tips from piano movers in Boston.


How much are you lifting?

There are four common types of piano, upright, spinet, grand, and baby grand. In general, spinets are the lightest and grand pianos are the heaviest. These are the average weight ranges of all four types of pianos:

  • Spinet – 200-400 pounds
  • Upright – 300-500 pounds
  • Baby Grand – 500-650 pounds
  • Grand – 700-1200 pounds

When moving a piano, it’s essential to know what you’re working with and to be able to tell your movers what kind of piano you have so they can be prepared. Moving a grand or baby grand piano requires different equipment than an upright piano. Having a general idea of the weight also helps the movers know how many people they will need to move it.


What model do you have?

There are about 40 piano manufacturers around the world and they all produce several piano models. If you have an older or antique model, it might be challenging to find the specifications, but experienced piano movers in Boston will be able to make an educated guess. If you have a relatively recent model, it is pretty easy to find the weight listed online. For reference, here are the weights of some common piano models:


Upright Pianos

  • Steinway & Sons Model 1098 – 480 pounds
  • Steinway & Sons Model K-52 – 600 pounds
  • Baldwin BH-122 – 542 pounds
  • Yamaha P22 – 490 pounds
  • Kawai K300 – 500 pounds


Grand Pianos

  • Steinway Model D Concert Grand Piano – 990 pounds
  • Steinway Model S – 540 pounds
  • Steinway & Sons Model B – 760 pounds
  • Yamaha C3 Studio – 705 pounds


Movers on the Go: Piano Movers in Boston

A piano is much more than just a musical instrument. It’s a piece of furniture, an investment, and an heirloom. Protecting it during a move is important to you, and as piano movers in Boston, it’s important to us, too.


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