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Move a Piano Without a Disaster | Piano Movers MA

Move a Piano Without a Disaster | Piano Movers MA

Pianos are expensive instruments. And your piano isn’t just an instrument—it’s a piece of your furniture. If you have to move a piano, no matter the distance, it’s not a task to be taken lightly. And you literally can’t, pianos are heavy. Whether you decide to move your piano yourself or hire piano movers in MA to transport it for you, it needs to be done safely, both for you and the piano. At Movers on the Go, we know that your piano is precious to you. Here’s how you should go about moving your piano, and how we’d do it, too!


Measure everything first.

Before you start moving anything, you need to take some measurements first. How wide are all the doors along your route and how wide is the piano? The last thing you want to happen is to get your piano ready to go and then realize that it won’t fit through the door. Getting it out of the house that it’s in shouldn’t be a problem; it got in there somehow, after all. But when it comes to getting it into your new place, you can run into problems if you haven’t measured carefully, especially if you are moving into an apartment or condo complex. Once you know which doors your piano will fit through, you can plan your route to get it out of the old house and into the new one.

Take apart what you can.

This step depends on what kind of piano you have. If you have an upright piano, not much will come off that will make moving it easier. If you have a grand or baby grand piano, however, that’s a different story. The legs and pedals are removable so that the top section can be moved separately.

Strap everything down.

While you’re trying to move your piano, you can’t have the lid and keyboard cover flying open unexpectedly. Use moving blankets to protect the finish and ratchet straps to hold the lid and keyboard cover closed. As experienced piano movers in MA, we always bring plenty of supplies to protect and secure your instrument.


Bring your own wheels.

When you’re preparing to move your piano, it may be tempting to roll it on its casters rather than putting it on a dolly. Don’t do that! The casters on your piano are there so it can be shifted into position. They are not designed for distances and you risk wearing them out and breaking them mid-move. If you are moving a grand, you will take the legs off and put the top on dollys anyway, but move your upright in dollys, too. If you break a caster while pushing your piano down the sidewalk, you will have a bigger problem than a broken wheel.


Get it tuned.

Okay, so your piano movers in MA can’t help you with this part, but it should be the last step of your piano move. Your instrument won’t go through that much movement and still be in tune by the end of it. Once you’ve settled your piano into its new home, hire a professional piano tuner to get it ready to play.

Movers on the Go: Expert Piano Movers in MA

If you need a piano moved, let Movers on the Go handle it. We’ve been moving heavy objects in the Greater Boston area since 1997, so we know a thing or two. Call us when you need piano movers in MA.


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