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How to Use Temporary Storage During a Move

How to Use Temporary Storage During a Move

For many people, moving is an opportunity to unload items you don’t use or don’t want anymore. Even if your new place is the same size or bigger than your current home, it still feels good to declutter and start fresh. But no matter how ruthless you think you’re being when it comes to getting rid of stuff, there’s often more leftover than you anticipated. As an experienced mover in Boston, MA, our team at Movers on the Go knows a lot about dealing with clutter during a move.


One way to help you sort through your possessions during a move is to use temporary storage.


What should you put in temporary storage?

There are two board categories of items that you should put in temporary storage: stuff that you don’t currently have space for and stuff that you’re on the fence about. There are, of course, many more specific ways to break these categories down, but we’re going to give your some examples of what we’re talking about. Items that you don’t currently have space for are often furniture. You won’t be able to arrange your furniture exactly how you had it in your old house, and some pieces may not fit.

You may also have items that you’re not sure you want to keep. These items are sometimes furniture, but they can also include artwork or appliances. Putting them in temporary storage helps you figure out whether you want to keep them. Decide ahead of time that you’ll keep your storage unit for six months or a year. Once that period is up, anything you didn’t rescue from the storage goes in the giveaway.


What should stay out of storage?

Even if you don’t expect to need certain items when you first move in, there are some things you shouldn’t put in storage. Naturally, you’ll want items you use every day on hand, but that’s not all that should stay out of storage. For example, valuable items and important documents can stay with you. You might not need your marriage license or your child’s birth certificate, but if you do, you’ll want to be able to easily lay your hands on them. You’ll also want to keep highly valuable items near you to keep them from being lost or stolen.


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