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Movers Boston | Living Room Items to Leave Behind When You Move

Movers Boston | Living Room Items to Leave Behind When You Move

Moving is a great time to go through your possessions and clear out items you don’t want anymore. Every room in your house acquires things that you could easily do without, but they pile up slowly, and it’s hard to keep on top of the clutter. Before your Boston movers pull up to your house, take the opportunity to have a good cleanout.


Every room in your house is a candidate for a cleanout. In this article, we’re going to look at some things in your living room that don’t need to come to your new home.


Art and Decor That’s Just Okay

There are certain pieces of artwork and decor that you absolutely love and should take with you when you move. But we all have those pieces that we don’t love but haven’t replaced or gotten rid of. If you have a hall closet full of art and decor that is just okay, give it away. If you don’t like it enough to hang it in your current home, you won’t feel differently in your new home. You can extend this to pieces you have up but would like to replace. Decorate your new space with the pieces you already love, and find new pieces to replace the so-so ones.


Curtains, Rugs, and Throw Pillows

Some items that work in your current living room may not work in your new space. The curtains that you have now may make your new living room look dark. Rugs that fit in one space may not work in a room with different dimensions. Throw pillows that you’ve had for a while can look dated, and too many will make your sofa look crowded. Unless you have throws that you really love, take them to the thrift store and find some new ones for your new home.


Unwanted and Display Books

If you’re a bookworm, it can be hard to part with your books. You have a huge stack of books that you’ve been planning to read for years but just haven’t gotten to yet. Go through those stacks and be brutally honest about which books you are actually going to read and donate or pass on the rest. If you have decorative and coffee table books, think about the last time anyone opened them. You’ll probably find that you’re okay to give them away, too.


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