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Stay Organized During Your Move

Stay Organized During Your Move

The best way to remove stress from any situation is to make a plan and stay organized. And while we deal with stressful situations every day, there are few things that can stress you out like moving. As movers in Boston with years of experience, our team at Movers on the Go has dealt with all kinds of moves and people. Every move has its own unique challenges, but staying organized always makes the process easier.


Take these tips to help you stay organized during your move.


Make Lists for Everything

You can never make too many lists. And there’s no part of the process that won’t be easier if you make a list first. You can make a list of all the services you need to transfer to your new address, areas you need to clean, and rooms you need to pack. But that’s just a start. You can streamline the entire moving process by making lists to you don’t forget anything.


Color Code Your Labels

As you pack, you should, of course, label everything. But you can get creative with your labels to make them even more helpful. Use colored markers or stickers to mark which room each box and piece of furniture belongs to. This method will save you a lot of time when you arrive at your new home and are ready to unpack. You won’t have to waste any time asking, “where does this go?” You can just glance at the color and send it to the right room.


Be Smart When You Load the Truck

How you load the truck or moving van is also important to organizing your move. Load the truck by room so that when the boxes and furniture come out, the items that belong in each room are more or less together. Due to the size and shape of some items—particularly furniture—you will have to move some things around. But grouping things that belong in the same room as much as possible will make unloading the truck and unpacking much easier.


Stay Organized with Movers in Boston

No matter how organized you are, you still need a great team of movers in Boston. Whether you’re moving across the country or across the street, Movers on the Go will help make your move as easy and simple as possible.


When you need movers in Boston, you need Movers on the Go! Contact us at (617) 545-5353 for a quote.

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