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Moving into a Dorm Next Semester? Take These Tips!

Moving into a Dorm Next Semester? Take These Tips!

A new college semester will be starting soon and students will be moving into dorms all over Boston. Although the spring semester doesn’t see as many new students as the fall, moving into a dorm for the first time is still a big deal for college students. But, just like any other move, it can be stressful. Some opt to hire movers in Boston to make it easier, while others decide to DIY the whole thing.


Whether you get some help or do it yourself, here are some tips to make moving into your dorm a breeze.


Use the school’s checklists.

Most colleges’ resident life departments will have a list of items you should bring and items that are already in your dorm. For example, you’ll need to bring bedding, but not furniture. The dorm will also have a list of items and appliances that are not allowed. Check that before you turn up with something you’re not allowed to have in your room.


Coordinate with your roommates.

Students starting in the second semester will often move into rooms that other students are already living in. Get their contact information or reach out via social media to find out what they already have. You don’t need three microwaves for one dorm room.


Find out the dimensions of the room.

It may not be in your move-in or orientation materials, but the resident life website or someone in the department will be able to tell you the dimensions of the room. Some students want to bring an extra set of drawers or a comfy chair, but you want to ensure that there is enough space. You should also be able to find pictures of the room so you have an idea of how crowded it will be once you and your roommates have moved all your stuff in.


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Movers in Boston Make College Move-in Easy

Students going away to college for the first time have a lot of things to be nervous about. To take some of the stress out of this new experience, bring in Movers on the Go! We’ll get all your stuff safely to your new dorm and ready to move in.


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