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What You Need to Know About Piano Movers in Boston

Here at Movers On the Go, we know how expensive pianos can be. Even lesser known models can cost you thousands. Whether you’re a casual player, concert pianist, or you just like the way it looks in your living room, it’s a prized possession. We know you’re putting a lot of faith in our professional piano movers to keep it safe during the journey. By keeping you informed each step of the way, you can breathe a sigh of relief.


One of the most important parts of moving any item is packing it properly. When it comes to moving something large and cumbersome like a piano, it may have to be moved in pieces. Our movers will carefully disassemble your instrument and package it using high-quality materials. Tight, shock absorbent packaging ensures it will be protected in the event of a bumpy ride.


Once disassembled and packaged, the movers will carefully remove the piano from your home and onto the truck. If you’re worried about tight doorways or narrow hallways, don’t worry. Our expert piano movers have lots of experience maneuvering around awkward spaces and capitalizing on the areas we do have available, like doorways and windows.

Once the piano is safely secured in the vehicle and arrives at your new home, we’ll use just as much care to put it back together, exactly where you want. You won’t have to worry about scuffed floors from trying to drag it yourself or chips in the paint from collisions. Under the watchful eye of Movers on the Go, your piano will be ready to play in no time, in the comfort of your new home.


Piano movers have a special talent. Our staff members are experts in understanding the space they are in and envisioning how they will remove your prized piano without damaging it. For more information about our services, visit our site here.

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