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Planning a Long-Distance Move: Part 2

Planning a Long-Distance Move: Part 2

In many ways, arranging your Boston moving services is the easiest part of a long-distance move. In our previous post, we covered some important things you should do to make your move easier. But we’re not done imparting what we’ve learned in our decades of experience at Movers on the Go. There’s a lot to do between packing up your old home and preparing your new one, and you don’t want to forget anything.


At Movers on the Go, we go above and beyond the basics of Boston moving services. Here’s the second part of our long-distance moving tips.


Update Your Address

Before you move, it’s important to notify anyone who needs to know about your change of address. Arrange with the post office to have your mail forwarded for a set period of time, and inform your bank and credit card company. Let all your doctors and healthcare providers know that you are moving and arrange to have your medical records transferred to your new providers or released to you if you haven’t arranged new care yet. Don’t forget to update subscription deliveries so you don’t miss any shipments. Finally, inform your friends and family. Let family members and close friends know personally. If you’re comfortable, you can let it be known on social media that you are moving and privately message your new address to anyone who enquires.


Shut Off and Set Up Utilities

You don’t want to pay bills on a house you’re not living in, and you don’t want to arrive in a new home without utilities. Talk to your electric company, internet service provider, and any other relevant utility companies. If those companies operate in the area you are moving to, you can have your service transferred to your new address. If not, arrange for service to be turned on with local utility companies for your move-in date.


Make Travel Arrangements

How are you getting to your new home? Are you driving or flying? Is everyone traveling together? Will you have to make overnight stops along the way? These are all questions you want to answer well before you hit the road. Book flights and hotels, plan your route, and make backup plans. Even if you don’t need Plan B, you’ll have peace of mind if you have one in place.


Hire Boston moving services that go the extra mile! Our team at Movers on the Go is ready to help you have a well-planned and organized move. Contact us today for a quote.

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