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Hiring Packers and Movers in Boston? You’ll Want Read This First

Spring is here, and that means the busiest moving season of the year has also arrived. If you’ve ever moved, you know how stressful the process and be. However, with help from professional movers in Boston, like our team at Movers On The Go, you can eliminate much of the hassle.

Our company strives on providing the ultimate customer experience, which is why we offer more than moving services. At Movers On The Go, we also offer our customers packing services. We understand that allowing someone into your home to pack your personal items isn’t an everyday event, so you may be wondering what the process is like. Well, have no fear, our experts are here!


Start by decluttering

Moving is an excellent opportunity to unload items you no longer use or want. However, going through your belongings is a task best scheduled ahead of the move. Set time aside to go room by room and remove these items before your packers arrive. This will allow the professionals to focus on what matters most while saving precious time.



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Take photos and inventory your belongings

Being cautious is never a bad thing. If you have breakable items that you are concerned about, or are worried about potentially losing items, take photos and inventory of your belongings. You will rest well knowing these items are well documented for future reference.



Have a plan for pets and children

Moving day means people in and out of your house with heavy and fragile objects. Be sure your pets and children are out of harm’s way. Have a plan in place for packing and moving day – whether in the house or with family and friends, keeping your little ones out of the way ensures a smooth day for all involved.


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Set aside your essential items

Once the move is complete, the first night in your new residence can be a bit disorganized. Before your movers in Boston arrive, have a bag of essential items packed and placed to the side for easy accessibility.



Communicate with your team

Professionals packers only have the knowledge of your home that you provide. Be sure to take the time to schedule a walk-through. Clearly explaining what you would like done, areas to not pack, and items to leave. This communication is appreciated by all and can go a long way.

If you are in the market for movers in Boston, consider contacting our team at Movers On The Go. As the area’s premier moving service, we provide reliable, safe, and affordable moving and packing services for both residential and commercial needs.



With questions or to request an estimate, call us today at (617) 545-5353.


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