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Summer Move? Here Are the Dos and Don’ts.

Summer Move? Here Are the Dos and Don’ts.

At Movers On The Go, we love everything about moving. Whether winter or summer, our professionals have the experience it takes for a successful, stress-free moving day. That said, our experience also provides industry insight on how different seasons offer different sets of dos and don’ts when it comes to moving. So, if you’re looking for Boston moving services during the summer months, here are a few tips to keep in mind.

The earlier, the better.

We all know that moving requires planning. The earlier you start planning, the smoother your moving day becomes. However, during the summer, starting early takes on another meaning as well. Here, ‘early’ refers to the time of day you start the physical process of moving from one location to the next.

If you’re familiar with New England weather, you know how quickly the day can turn to hot and humid – not ideal when strenuous activity is involved. Instead, starting the move early in the day provides a better and safer environment for everyone involved in the move.

Think ahead.

Again, thinking ahead takes on a dual meaning. The most obvious meaning refers back to planning. But, we already talked about that. So, let’s focus on thinking ahead in the summer. Thinking ahead to your new home or office location. You are leaving one environment that you’ve controlled for months, if not years.

Now it’s time to control the new environment, and starting by turning on the air conditioning is a great idea. Boston summers are hot, and moving isn’t easy. Cool down your new place before arriving to provide the breath of fresh air and relief you and your professional moving company will need!

Don’t move on a holiday weekend.

The spring and summer seasons provide several long holiday weekends. And, while these extra days seem the opportune time to move, it will cost you. Avoiding holiday weekends will save you money – from Boston moving services to rental equipment, everything is a bit pricier during the holidays.

When it comes to professional Boston moving services, rely on a team you can trust. At Movers On The Go, our professionals have the experience and expertise to make your moving day, no matter what season it falls, a successful one!

For more information or to receive your free quote, give the team at Movers On The Go a call (617) 545-5353.

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