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The Next Step to Moving Your Game Room

The Next Step to Moving Your Game Room

In our last post, we gave you some tips on moving your pool table into your new home. But what if you prefer a game that is a little more casual and fast-paced? Then you probably have a foosball table. Foosball tables are a fun addition to any game room or basement hangout area, so of course you want to take yours with you when you move. Whether you decide to move it yourself or enlist professional Boston moving services, you want to ensure that you move it carefully.


Here’s what you need to do to move your foosball table into your new home.


Take everything apart.

When you need to move anything, you want to make it as small and light as possible. The rods of a foosball table make it both heavy and wide. Before you attempt to move anything, you should unscrew the bearing and remove the rods. Depending on the model you have, you may have to remove the players from the rods first. If you still have the instructions for assembling the table, you should consult them, as each brand will be a bit different. You can also look up the instructions online if you have misplaced the original instructions.

Once you have removed all the rods and the players, you can move on to detaching the legs and uninstalling the base rim. Now you have several smaller, lighter pieces that will be much easier to move than the fully-assembled table.


Don’t lose track of the pieces.

Taking apart your foosball table will result in a lot of small pieces and loose hardware. Those are all important, however, and you don’t want to lose track of them. Count all the players in both colors to make sure you have all of them. Then put them in a bag or container so you don’t lose any in transit. The same goes for the hardware. If you lose even a single nut or bolt, you’re going to have issues putting the table back together.

To make sure that you don’t lose anything, have a bag or container handy while you take the table apart. Drop the hardware in there as you go. Then you won’t have to worry about crawling around on the floor checking for stray screws.


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