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When to Hire a Mover and When to DIY

When to Hire a Mover and When to DIY

Moving is expensive, and it’s understandable that you want to cut costs wherever you can. And it’s always cheaper to do things yourself, right? Well, not always. If you’re looking into your options for movers in Boston, MA, and balking at the cost, give Movers On The Go a call. We understand the importance of keeping the moving process affordable and as easy as possible. While we offer comprehensive packing and moving services and storage solutions, we understand that there are some things you might prefer to do yourself.

If you want to partially DIY your move, here are some things you can do yourself and others that you should call movers in Boston, MA, to do for you.


DIY: Packing

If you give yourself enough time, packing is a step of the process you can definitely do yourself. Gather up plenty of boxes and packing material to keep your fragile items safe. Often you can get bokes for free by calling up stores and asking if you can take some of the boxes that they were going to recycle anyway. Just make sure any boxes you get are sturdy! Bookstores are a good place to try. Their boxes are designed to transport heavy books, sometimes a very long way.


Movers: Driving the Truck

A box truck is not just a big car. First of all, there’s no rearview mirror, only side mirrors. They are also wider and they turn differently than a car or even a transit van. Additionally, there are things like mileage, fuel, and tolls to consider. If you rent a truck yourself, you have to pay all those extra costs. A moving company incorporates all those costs into the price of their service. And if you damage a rental truck, you have to pay those fees. Movers are experts at driving these vehicles, and they own their trucks.


DIY: Organizing

You know what’s in your house better than anyone else. Again, plan ahead and you’ll be able to take care of most of the moving logistics yourself. Make yourself a calendar or timeline and stick to it. And, of course, you can’t have too many checklists. Being disciplined during the packing—and unpacking, when you arrive at your new home—will make everything much less stressful.


Movers: Heavy Lifting

You have enough to worry about while you move, there’s no need to add injuries to the list. There’s a technique to lifting large and heavy objects, and you can seriously hurt yourself if you do it wrong. Professional movers have safety equipment and training to prevent injury while moving heavy boxes and objects. They also know how to move fragile and delicate items without damaging them.


Need movers in Boston, MA? Contact Movers On The Go to find out about all our services and plan your move.

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