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Why Summer Is the Busiest Season for Movers in Boston MA

Why Summer Is the Busiest Season for Movers in Boston MA

Summer is the busiest season for movers in Boston, MA. You don’t have to brave the cold or fight your way through snow drifts. But spring and fall can be pretty warm in Boston and you don’t (usually) have to deal with snow. Still, summer is when movers see an uptick in their business. Our team at Movers on the Go is prepared to make your move simple and easy for you and your family, even when we’re busy.

Here are three reasons why summer is when movers in Boston, MA, do their best business.


Long Days

The longest day of the year is the summer solstice, which is near the end of June. Whether you’re DIY-ing it or hiring movers, extra daylight means more time in a single day to get moving. The moving team can start earlier in the morning and can continue to work later in the evening. For a local move, this often means that you can get moved out of your old place and into your new home in a single day.


Yard Sale Season

Getting ready to move usually means taking stock of what you have and what you don’t need. Once you’ve gone through all your stuff, you’re usually ready for a big clear-out. But what do you do with everything you don’t want? Have a yard sale! Summer is yard sale season in many neighborhoods, and you’ll easily find a few neighbors to team up with. Some towns even have yard sale weekends with maps of every house participating in the sale. There’s no better time to unload belongings you don’t need and maybe make a little money.


School Vacation

Kids’ schedules make many things challenging to navigate, especially moving. The great thing about summer is that it’s school vacation and you don’t have to worry about disrupting your kids’ schedules. Even better, you don’t have to worry about switching schools mid-year if you’re moving to a different district. Changing schools is always tough, but it’s easier to start in a new school year.


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Hire Trusted Movers in Boston MA

Movers on the Go is a family business, so we know that your move going smoothly is important for your family. Whether you’re staying local or moving out of state, we are the movers in Boston, MA, for the job. We are licensed and insured and dedicated to taking care of your possessions and your family during your move.


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