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Boston Piano Movers: Piano Moving Basics

Boston Piano Movers: Piano Moving Basics

A piano is an expensive and delicate instrument. It’s also a piece of furniture that occupies an important place in your home. So when you move into a new home, you want to ensure that arrives safely along with the rest of your belongings and furniture. To do that, you need someone who knows what they’re doing to get your piano from point A to point B. By “someone,” we mean a team of Boston piano movers. If you’ve never tried to move a piano, you may not realize how difficult it can be. Our team at Movers on the Go has the experience and knowledge to safely move your piano.


Boston piano movers do a lot to keep your instrument safe in transit. Let’s take a look at the basics.


Packing It Up in Your Old Home

Pianos may be heavy, but the mechanisms inside are incredibly delicate. Just like moving any other delicate object, the trick to safely moving a piano is to pack it up properly. Depending on the type of piano you have, it may be necessary to disassemble it in order to move it. For example, to move a grand or baby grand piano, we have to take the legs off and move the pieces separately. But other types, like upright pianos, can’t be disassembled. To move those pianos safely, wrap them carefully before moving them onto the truck.


Placing It in Your New Home

The challenges aren’t over once the piano is loaded onto the truck. The movers still have to navigate stairs and narrow hallways before finally placing it in your new home. We never use the castors on a piano to move it; that’s not what they’re for. The castors on a piano make it possible to adjust it once it’s in place, but they’re not strong enough to be wheeled down a sidewalk. Once the movers get your piano into your new home and reassembled, you can direct them as to precise placement. Finally, you’ll want to have it tuned, as the move will have affected the strings. We can’t help you with that stage, however; you’ll need a professional piano tuner for that!


When you need experienced piano movers in Boston, you need Movers on the Go! Contact us at 617-545-5353 for a quote.

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