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Protect Your Breakable Stuff with Professional Movers

Protect Your Breakable Stuff with Professional Movers

You don’t realize just how much fragile and breakable stuff you own until it’s time to pack it up for a move. Many people who were planning to DIY their move changed their minds and hired professional movers in Boston because they discovered they had more delicate items to move than they anticipated. You probably don’t even think of many things that often break during a move as fragile. Some of the items most commonly broken during a move are what you would expect, but others may surprise you.

Let’s take a look at some of the breakable items that you may want to hire professional movers in Boston to take care of.


Dishes and Glassware

You probably expect these to make the list, and for obvious reasons. Glass is easy to break, especially more delicate pieces like wine glasses. But items made of thicker glass can still chip or scratch. Wrap each item individually as you box it up for maximum protection. Position mugs and other drinkware with handles in the box so they will not move around in transit. When it comes to packing dishes, don’t just put a stack of plates in a box. You should always put something between each plate to protect them. Paper towels or flattened basket coffee filters work well.



Your stereo or game console might just look like a rectangle, but there are lots of delicate components inside that rectangle. Depending on how long ago you bought it, you probably don’t still have the original box. If you do, great! Pack it back in there; that box was designed to protect your electronics as they traveled from factory to warehouse to store. But if you don’t have it anymore, just find the smallest box it will fit in and use enough packing material so that it doesn’t move around.



Plants might not be an obvious addition to this list. Even though they don’t break with an exciting crash, they are still delicate. Branches and stems can break, and flowers can be crushed. Plants are tricky because you can’t box them up. And they have to be the last items in and the first out of the moving truck. Professional movers in Boston like Movers on the Go will know how best to move your plants so they arrive alive and undamaged at your new home.


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